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ATM Switching Payment is the last solutions for today, financial corporate industry requires connection to third party switching company or bank to support and to provide payment service for their customers. Manager are often challenged to provide new connection to third party switching company or bank with good standard Banking Industry Format. Many found it is difficult or even impossible to extend their technology for the new connection within reasonable cost and time. As result corporate are often delaying the opportunity and lost the competitive advantages.

ATM Switching Payment manage realible delivery systems, atm switching has delivered more than 2.000.000 transactions daily on Banking Payment System. ATM Switching Payment handle large number of transaction volume and connections with highspeed throughput, providing extremely efficient and realible core banking messages platform for financial institutions. ATM Switching Payment are designed to enable organization to integrate with switching company, biller service or banks without altering the existing infrastructure, and provides a flexible, scalable software solution that seamlessly bridges real word banking payment channels in to your system.

ATM Switching Payment able to monitor and provide complete information on the status of each other host connection or device connection and message status. GUI based workstations allow ATM Switching Payment operators to view summary status of all connection and drill down to enquire on the status of the each connection devices. Operators automatically recive alert, requiring atention, on the console workstation. Inactivity timers can be defined to allow operators notification of an unexpected drop in transacton activity.

ATM Switching Payment operators can send commands from a console workstation to manage all connection devices, bring connection into service, take it out of service, download a new configuration file, or perform key exchange. Financial institution can select pre-screening option at card / account range level, option can be set to check :
  1. PIN
  2. Card Expiration Date
  3. Account Check Digit
  4. Limits
  5. Velocity
Limits can be set as follows :
  1. Online and offline transactions
  2. Daily and periodic limits
  3. Domestic and international originated transactions
  4. Per Transaction limits
Limits can be set at card product, card range, and card level, if limits are not set at card level it will automatically inherit those set at card range level or product level.

ATM Switching Payment support the following methods of routing :

Routing on Card Range   > Routing parameters can be specified at the card range level, ATM Switch will route the transaction after perform pree-screening check to the host specified in the routing parameters

Account Based Routing   > ATM Switch support the linking of multiple accounts to a card, if different account types are stored in different host, then ATM Switch can route the transaction using the account number instead of the card.

Alternate Path Routing      >  ATM Switch can be configured to attempt to send the transaction to be authorized to a different authorization destination in case the primary host is unavailable or the link to it is down. This enables the financial institution deliver superior service to the users of its network.

Issuer Transaction Routing > ATM Switch will use the above pre screening, authorization methods, authorization levels and routing methods in case of transactions of the financial institutions that are acquired by other bank network.

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